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AMD’s Chipset Driver now Supports USB4, Some bug fixes Introduced.

A new chipset driver, version, was released for AMD’s new Ryzen 6000 Rembrandt mobile platform. The driver includes six new drivers, with one of these drivers adding USB 4 support to Windows 10 and 11. In the new AMD Ryzen 6000 processor, USB 4 is fully integrated with the processor itself to support USB 4. A new generation of USB4-compatible laptops will be available next month but AMD will also support its formerly introduced Ryzen 6000 H-chip laptops with full USB4 support at the end of this month.

A massive upgrade over USB 3.2 is now being offered in USB 4, the latest version of USB connectivity. On the “highest-end” USB4 ports, the bandwidth has been increased to 40Gbps, similar to Thunderbolt 3. It is also possible to implement a slower 20Gbps implementation which can reduce costs or power consumption. Because of the 40Gbps speeds of USB 4, it can also be used with Thunderbolt 3 devices. The interface developed newly is quite important for notebook platforms.

There are also five other drivers included in this chipset update. These includes the Wireless Button Driver, the PMF Driver, the PPM Provisioning File sDriver, the AMS Mailbox Driver, and the S0i3 Filter Driver. There is no indication as to which of the remaining four drivers of Ryzen 6000 will be reserved exclusively for mobile devices. The updates that only affect Ryzen mobile platforms include just two items. The first applies to the AMD power management software that received improved Ryzen 9 mobile support and  the second is the SFH driver receiving airplane mode notification support.

In addition to this , AMD added some of the bug fixers and performance optimization in the new chipset drivers. A number of bugs have been fixed in the I2C, UART and MicroPEP drivers. Moreover improvements to the PSP driver, on top of the bug fixes.

All these improvements will work on all Ryzen platforms.

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