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Intel’s new Process Technology Underway, Introducing Significant Performance Gains.

Intel has officially claimed in their statements that Intel 4 will be production-ready in the 2nd quarter of 2022. In the 2022 IEEE VLSI Symposium, Intel declared that it would soon be able to shrink its semiconductor production node significantly. It also stated that at the same frequency, ported chips can be run 20% faster than before. Also it can reduce power consumption by 40%. Additionally, Intel 4 node was the first to use EUV lithography. It would also double transistor density (compared with Intel 7) for high-performance libraries when compared to the Intel 7 node.

 Intel 4 is operating well and the process is exhibiting significant return on investments. So they decided to have it in the core of Intel’s 14th generation Core processor (Meteor Lake). This is Intel 4 process technology that will enable Meteor Lake and Granite Rapids to launch on time. This will help to make the most of the potential of their companies.

Meteor Lake is the company’s first chipset processor for the mass market. It uses a flexible tiled architecture as well as Foveros 3D packaging technology for its mass market applications.

In addition to this Intel also claimed that the manufacturing ramp of Intel 3 is likely to take place in H2 2023. In a statement a few days ago, Intel stated that Intel 3 would provide 18% performance advantages over Intel 4 platforms.

These days we are in a crucial phase for modern devices, and DIYers. Since Intel has shown its newfound success in fast execution and progress. TSMC 7nm will be equivalent to Intel 7nm (even if TSMC produces 5nm in volume) without having to explain the differences extensively.

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